AWHOOOO! Asprey of London!



Some of these styles look downright lady friendly. Ladies, what do you think?


They are beautiful. I would love to wear one. $1400 is about $1300 more than I have in my bank account right now though. Maybe someday!


Shoulda charged one million dollars for these. Your profit margin would soar and you will sell just as many.


I hear ya! :slight_smile: We can window shop in the meantime, right?


They are beautiful, but way too expensive for me.


As much as I hang in watch forums, I have never heard of this brand. It’s hard to tell if the chronos have a Valjoux 7750 or Selita knock off, but I would flaunt it in the specs if this were a truly Swiss made item. Price seems a bit much, since one could get a much more popular Hamilton for half the price with a Swiss auto movement.


Nope, the chrono has neither. It is ETA based 2894-2 movement. The GMT model is 2893-2 movement.

For the price, still tad too high. The Breitling deal is clearly much better than this.


the shipping charge kills this deal. no good.


Five bucks? Really?


It was a joke I presume


Some people are fickle on what they spend their money on.


Because nothing says the typical Woot crowd like an $1800 watch. lol


In for three!

(Who needs a 401k if the world’s ending?)


I’ve never heard of this brand either, but a little searching shows that the woot price is substantially below most other online watch dealers’ price for a couple of these models. Beyond that, this brand is a mystery to me…


Substantially below most other vendors’ asking price, it may be. Substantially above even what Jeff Bezos might be willing to pay for a Woot Watch.


I figured they put the decimal point in the wrong place… Typical woot typo… :wink:


Lol. I don’t mind spending a little more and getting better quality for a product that lasts longer, but these cost more than my mortgage payment. I can’t sleep in a watch.


A limited Woot warranty? Whatever happened to an Asprey warranty considering it is a NEW watch?


Probably another Woot grey market offering from that shifty-eyed guy at the back of the WootWarehouse.