Aww and Order

I actually wouldn’t have been surprised if an alternate title for this shirt was “The Usual Suspects.”

Give ME the keys…

It was the masked man.

I’m sure of it.

I mean, just LOOK at that guilty face.

the bag of money should be a bag full of acorns, that would be cuter :slight_smile:

Cats are evil and this cat is pretty fat making him mobster looking.

Although I have never seen a blue duck before, other than Billy Madison

Raccoons are great.

Foxes are better.

I bet the real criminal is a fox. Foxes are dangerous critters…

Why, oh why, shirt.woot + Spiritgreen. I’m trying for the ooohh, arty or hey, clever pun shirt street rep. But no, the adorable animal pile just keeps climbing (much like the koala is doing on the flaming skyscaper on the shirt I’m currently wearing.) #oy #notaguy

I believe that is a penguin. Shirt.Woot community’s four favorite animals are in the lineup: a cat, a penguin, a turtle, and a rabbit. The raccoon is the adorably guilty newcomer!

The cat, penguin, turtle and bunny are all guilty of crimes against t-shirts. Spiritgreen deserves a reward for catching them in the act. The desaturated colours had me thinking it looks like a recently unearthed photo from a long lost police file.

bad hair day on that penguin then!

Sorry guys stayed up too late last night so I took a nap and I’m a little late today. I apologize for any typos, or messups, I’m still in a wake-up haze

(that’s the joke, right? you people don’t like grey, right?)

Also, for the record I make all these before before reading any comments, sorry if it seems like I lifted any of your ideas.

Thank you for being my partner in crime, Woot.

A satirical undercurrent in a cute shirt?. (bingo!)

@CowboyDann, your daily shirt explanations are awesome. :smiley:

I’m all for foxes as the next animal/meme, but I have to go with the raccoon on this one mainly out of respect for the tanuki.
If that guy was a Tanuki they would never have caught him!

The turtle reminds me of one of those little rubber coin holders that the bank gives you when you open a new account. The ones that you squeeze and they just pop open… wish I had one.

Hahaha! Look at the turtle’s face! He is totally confused! I can almost hear him go “gulp!”

Did anybody else think this was a Star Fox reference at first glance?

Poor raccoons. It’s not their fault they have masks and creepy little grasping hands…