Ayoba-Yo Droëwors Beef Sticks, 6-pack

Ayoba-Yo Droëwors Beef Sticks, 6-pack

Going to try these. No artificial crap and most importantly, no sugar. Great for Keto!

40 bucks for 12 Oz. :roll_eyes: what a deal! And the website is a mess! Damn near 20 years and this is the final jumping the shark I can take. Took 10 minutes to find the comments page for the gourmet section smh



Or “Join the Discussion” on the app haven’t changed at all.

Not quite true…the ‘discuss this deal’ button used to show how many comments there were for the product. Now, it doesn’t. You have to click through to see if there are any replies, then click on the number of replies to see the actual replies. I am looking at fewer products, and buying less, because of the new design.

True. That is on the list to add back so hang tight.