AZ Patio Heaters - Your Choice

**Item: **AZ Patio Heaters - Your Choice
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I went to a BBQ/party at a friend’s parents’ house, they had these. They were awesome when it got chilly out after dark.

Let’s check out the product page and also learn more about the warranty

So it’s available for $129 direct from the manufacturer with free shipping. I’d be taking customer support under consideration vis a vis the big ol’ warning in the description, though I’m guessing it’s identical through woot! anyway.

Good reviews at the mothership.

[MOD: Different model. We’re selling the table version.]

Be assured that the manufacturer warranty is applicable even with a Woot purchase.

I think you are mistaken on the $129 price at the manufacturer site… the items shown on woot in this picture have the table and the link to the manufacturer site doesn’t…

The ones with the table are $199 on their site…

Probably still a good deal either way…

OK, I had to look.

This is actually from Arizona! (Unlike Arizona iced tea! That stuff is from New York! {Someone needs to get a rope!})


Not sure if mine is the same brand, but my daughter and son-in-law gave me one for Father’s Day last year. We have a patio fire pit and on chilly nights we set this up behind us with a fire going in front of us. Can sit outside all night that way!

Can these convert to natural gas with an additional kit?

Kinda like my grill can?

That is a different model. The one we are selling comes with the following additional items:

• Protective Cover
• Wheel Kit
• Adjustable Table
• ISTA Packaging
• Weight bladder

Since that has the possibility to make it go kaboom, I’d suggest you ask the manufacturer directly.

If you own a bar/restaurant with outdoor seating, these pay for themselves in a single night.

My wife is a weather wuss, only goes outside if it is between 70 and 80 degrees, sunny, and retreats at the first sign of a mosquito. With one of these, I can get her to come out, even with snow on the ground.

Great Price. Check out a lesser model at Home Depot a few months back for $179. at 41,000 BTU these can also be used for a tanning bed!!!

Do these just use the standard sized propane tanks–the “Blue Rhino” style ones easily exchangeable at most gas stations, hardware stores, etc?

I want to take this to the tailgate. Does it “dis-assemble” easily for transportation?

Wow, we’re gonna have some warm wooters! Sorry if you missed the deal but we have some gloves that might help.

Yea, they do.
Sucks I missed this, I have two already for seating out back, but wanted another one as a floater.

For the person that asked about transporting - it’s not hard to take it apart and put it back together, but you’ll need tools to do it - phillips and a wrench.

Awww crud, this is the first Woot I actually needed to buy instead of all the other stuff that I just can’t say no to because it’s such a good deal - and of course they’re sold out before I can get to them, I would’ve bought 3!

Hey Woot, wanna get in touch with the folks down in AZ and have a few more sent your way so you can post this again? That’d be swell.

Maybe the sellout has to do with Amazon advertising this item in their bid to get their minions to come over to the woot-side?