AZ Patio Heaters

I wish these were offered with natural gas option

This! Give us some freakin NG options!

Really cool to look at, but they do not heat worth a damn. Most of the heat goes out of the top exhaust.

How tall is this? It is written as 13 inches (13"). Is this actually 13 feet tall? Please send specifics. Thanks.

Hi I was wondering if you know that from your own experience with this particular model, or if you are speaking for all the outdoor heaters? Because I want to buy one, but don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t work. Thank you!

Actually 91" tall.

Have one sitting on my deck. Saw these in Texas at a friends party in October and we huddled around it to keep warm. I thought the flame column was cool. Bought one from WOOT about a year ago. Had to tear the heater apart because they screwed the plastic wrap into the frame!?? Fired up easy and is a conversation piece but you have to stand within a couple of feet to be warmed. And if you leave the pilot light on you will consume the tank quickly. Well made and all parts work. Most of the heat/exhaust goes out the stack. We even tried it in a screened porch and the exhaust was too much. Definitely for open air use.