Azpen X1 Dual Boot 10.1” Tablet with Windows 7, Android 2.2 & Multi-Capacitive Touch Screen

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Azpen X1 Dual Boot 10.1" Tablet with Windows 7, Android 2.2 & Multi-Capacitive Touch Screen
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Anyone ever used one of these? Im not sure how windows 7 would be on something like this… ill stick with my $99 touchpad

[Google Product Link]( X1&tbm=shop)

How does this compare to the motorola xoom that was up earlier?

EDIT: nevermind that google link helped me figure it out… wow this thing is versatile.

Pony up on kids.woot :slight_smile:

Do you write on the tablet with the pencil? Or does it come with a free pencil?! OMG FREE PENCIL!!!

I’m in for one as long as it has a PCMCIA slot for my new 10/100 NIC!

$509.97+ Free Shipping @ Amazon with mostly positive reviews.

Meh. I’m looking for something around the $250 range.

Wow what was posted is not what I wrote! :open_mouth:

I would say this is a much more capable tablet than the Xoom, IMHO.

It has Windows 7 :slight_smile:

looks pretty intersted to have both os’s. but the price kills it for me without a good comparison

For the price I think the Xoom was better deal. I just got a NC for 119$ this week and for me that is the best bang for the buck.

Does this item come with a gratuitous gift bag?

Normally I would say don’t waste your money, but since this is a wootoff, this is great, buy three.

Where’s the BAG OF CRAP

Yes it was. And even if it wasn’t, it was. :slight_smile:

32GB HP Touchpad on ebay. Plenty to be had…

are they going to do a bag of crap