Azpen X1 Dual Boot 10.1” Tablet

This is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen on Woot ever, the entire Internet maybe, and I’ve been on the net since '03 so I’ve seen some shit.

Shitty RAM that wouldn’t be great running ONE OS, let alone two? Check.

(Also what is likely to be shared video memory too so double check.)

Shitty PPI that looks bad on a 7" tablet let alone a 10" one? Check.

Old as your grandpappy’s balls Android version, leaving many new apps incompatible, with 99.999% chance of no OTA updates from Azpen? Check.

Doesn’t charge via USB like literally every other fucking tablet made by a reputable manufacturer? Check.

Doesn’t come with a keyboard dock, making non-touch-optimized Windows 7 just about impossible to use? Check.

Doesn’t have mini HDMI so you need a separate audio cable if you were thinking of a portable-PC-to-hook-up-to-monitor usage case? Check.

These dual booters are on Amazon for a hundred fiddy ish, and they have none of the issues I mentioned above.

I’d take this for $75. Maybe. Otherwise run away.

My 2013-vintage Windows 7 laptop has a PassMark benchmark speed of 7468.

This one? 284. Yes, less than 4% of the processor power. It must absolutely fly with Windows 7. :confused:

I have a old Win 7 eMachine netbook that cost $149.00 that now dual-boots Puppy Linux and it has more potential than this item.