Aztec Sunset

December 21, 2012.

is it me… or do the rays seem a little off in the reflection?

It’s a revolt! Mirror images demand to be different!


Is it bad if I can’t tell the difference between Aztec and Mayan artistic styling?

What’s sad is this is Aztec and not Mexican, but it is cool so I shall let it pass.

I thought sacrificing virgins to a volcano was in Hawaii. Didn’t Aztecs yank the heart out on top of the pyramid or something like that?

I see the artist … but where are the bunnies, penguins, or squirrels? :slight_smile:

(But seriously, it’s a nice change of pace for you, Ramy.)

Mucho gusto! Yo quiero!

very Grateful Dead Parking Lot-esque

Nice job! I really like the richness of the colors. I would watch a sunset like that. Guess I’ll have to wait until 2012. (Yeah, yeah. Mayans, Aztecs, whatevs. I’m sure a Mayan sunpocalipse would look similar)

The Aztecs lived in what is now Mexico.

Quetzalcoatl spoke of a cactus growing on an island in the middle of a lake. Perched on top of this cactus was an eagle with a snake in its mouth. This is where the Aztecs were to found their capital, Tenochtitlan. (Tenochtitlan eventually became Mexico City.)

To this shirt, I say: close enough.

First line off of a google search of “Aztec”:
“The Aztec people were certain ethnic groups of central Mexico”


Yes, but which Aztec sun is it?

Do you know what the Capital City of the Aztec’s was? Tenochtitlan.

And guess what, that is what is now known as Mexico City.

My favorite part is that little cactus silhouette. Nice detail :slight_smile:

Wow, ramby was able to break away from the ‘pulp’ cutesy trap he was stuck in. This is wearable quality even.

This, coming from the Canuck

:wink: I’m kidding, man… just kidding. :slight_smile:

Over/under: 1300 shirts sold.

Many people are criticizing this statement, saying that the Aztecs live in Mexico.

I get it. You’re right.

But I think bpeterson82 was making the more nuanced argument that the native Aztec people would not define themselves as “Mexican”. Yes, it’s a subtle distinction. But I wouldn’t pile on bpeterson82 for making it.