B.A. Bearacus

I pity the fool that messes with this bear.

He points to it and a volcano erupts. Now that’s power.

Just in time for the new A-Team movie.




This bear has ice in his veins yo.

Almost looks like a night elf mohawk.

I will only buy this if someone can assure me there will be an H.M. Murdock one, and also what animal it will be.

Also, for those that do not know who.what this is a reference to(and I pity you):

Hey, there Mr. B… I mean, Mr. T…

Here’s a pic-a-nic basket for you!


the beams coming from the helicopter - are they of the light or the laser variety?

Don’t worry everybody, I know how to calm him down. Sleeping powder in his pic-a-nic basket!

There aren’t enough expletives that can serve as adjectives to describe my proper feelings for this incredible graphic.

It’s everything man, that’s for damn sure.

That bear has a beard.

Getting better Parsons, still waiting to buy a shirt from a hometown artist like yourself. This one was almost it but seeing how I already have a shirt with a bear and explosions in the form of the ATV riding x-treme park fiasco. I’ll pass on this one for now.

Nice shirt.

Probably a Mur-duck

Hrmm… I think Murdock would be a hyena, Face would be some sort of housecat, and Hannibal would have to be an old wolf.

His cousin Smokey would so not approve the explosions and helicopter fire.

The obligatory video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFNJLs-Ql0o

H.M. Haddock, I would assume.

Bear? When I first looked at this I was thinking of the battlecry “Wolverines!” from the movie Red Dawn, what with the helicpoter and all. That looks just as much like a wolverine as a bear.

Maybe I’ll pick up the shirt and tell my friends that that’s what the shirt is about. Great movie. Probably the best war movie of the 80’s. And way better than “A-Team”.