B Cellars Blend Two - Pack

B Cellars Blend Two - Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2005 B Cellars Blend 24
1 2005 B Cellars Blend 25
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2 B or not 2B,good one, WD.

Now that is a lot of data on harvest dates and Brix on the front page…wow.

Also a bit of a short list of states on this one.

Kudos on the plethora of vineyard info for each wine. Good geekery!

No Wisconsin? Hogwash!

Is this the same To Kalon vineyard that is top notch? Why blend it with all of these other, perhaps lesser, grapes?

I have the B Cellars 2006 Napa Valley PS in my apartment. I will have it tonight or tomorrow night with the PhoremoSt of my PadawanS, TMR, and will share our tasting notes with you folks.

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It’s mill, and, well, mill.

And Florida is the state that is lit up. Which just adds additional evidence as to his/her residence.

Where is mill on the list of first suckers?

The vineyard lists on these sound enticing. But, I’ll wait for a little more info.

We pride ourselves in our geekery. So many vineyards, so little time…Gianna (aka the B Girl)

I can honestly say this is the most confusing wine.woot ever.

I’m amazed at how many of you wooters are up and at it already. I’m the B Girl, so if it’s info you want, it’s info you can get…fire away. Warning, I go to bed early.

What’s so confusing about it?

CT is showing average price paid about $39 for the 25 and $33 for the 24.

I don’t think I’ve seen a cabernet sauvignon - sangiovese blend before! Crazy stuff, like love.

B Cellars’ website has Parker’s reviews in a PDF. On just the wines offered here, RP says:

2005 Blend 24 - Exhibits a deep ruby-purple color, a big, sweet kiss of black currants, smoky oak, and a touch of forest floor followed by a heady, full bodied, rich style with good acidity as well as sweet tannins.

2005 Blend 25 - Offers a big, sweet nose of blackberries, chocolate, coffee
beans, and plums. Full-bodied with excellent fruit, low acidity and a broad, savory mouthfeel, it should provide plenty of pleasure during its exuberant youth.

Sounds like his perceptions of the acidity match up with the pH data on the front page. He also says in the PDF:

“This relatively new producer’s debut vintage was 2003, but these are the first wines I have tasted from B Cellars. Proprietors Jim Borsack and Duffy Keys have hired Kirk Venge as their consulting winemaker, and the wines are clearly made in a fruit-forward style that should satisfy consumers and restaurants looking for immediate drinkability.”

This should give folks a good idea with respect to style.

Well at this price I say grab it and drink! To Kalon yes…THE Besckstoffer’s To Kalon. We use the vineyards at the top of our portfolio in all of our wines from $125 down to $38 a bottle…well, in this case let’s just call it a steal. The other vineyards may be lesser in fame but not necessarily lesser in quality. We pride ourselves in the little gems that not many know about - but then again the Blend 25 has Stagecoach Cab & Syrah and I’m not sure Jan Krupp would like to be knows as “lesser”.

Wow! This is a lot of early morning activity.