B Cellars Blend Two - Pack

Just browsing their website, it appears these probably get the To Kalon declassified from their single vineyard blend. The Blend 25 is only 2% To Kalon, according to the data sheet. To Kalon is actually a pretty large vineyard, close to 100 acres. But the high demand for its fruit still seems to drive high prices for the finished wines.

Edit: Blend 24 is 8% To Kalon, via data sheet.

Edit again: Blend 24 is priced at $38, Blend 25 at $49 on the data sheets.

We took a little inspiration from Tuscany - we affectionately call this our Napa Tuscan.

Am I allowed to ask the B girl’s hand in marriage?

Well said, thats why I used “perhaps”

Just pulled the trigger for 1. This wino wooter is ready to rat!!

Yep standard Super Tuscan style.

Let me know what you think…it was my preferred Petite vintage. I always get a subtle whiff of bandaids on the nose which I find so intriguing…my friends get sqeemish when I describe it that way, so the new p.c. term is “camphor”, but it’s bandaids.

Btw, I am interested in B24 but nooooo do not at all want B25 (way too much cab in my cellar, I am cabbed out, and I find most Syrah extremely mediocre, and I just don’t think these two varietals alone would blend well for my personal taste) - so, if anyone in NC wants to split and only want the B25 let me know via pm.

aaaah, yes. We have one vineyard so small it had no name, our winemaker had to make one up.

what do you typically drink?

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Do you think this is some mild Brettanomyces expression or something else?

I think MaskedMarvel took away #1 from him, so I believe he is still #2 by far. Not sure that J-Dub has had the time to update that spreadsheet.

Are there woot weddings?

In, ready and willing to rat. The renovations are done, so I can promise a THOROUGH review.

Well, desirability of Brett is one of those controversial issues. While some would argue it is a reflection of off cellar conditions, others would argue that it is an expression of pure, uncomplicated wine making. I say it depends on the level…I have found this quality in fine Bordeaux and if the fruit component is still there, and I’m not smelling “wet dog” my entire way through the glass, then I say bring it on. The 06 Petite is just brimming with blue & black fruits, a punch of chocolate covered espresso beans, and a savory roasted note - love! So a hint of bandaid only adds to the commplexity…for me anyway.

How long will these keep in the cellar? Or, as is more often the case, in a box in the back of my closet?

Oh, great. Tuscany is what got me into wine in the first place. Now I have to buy some. Guess I should make an appointment for the tour too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the wooting…Most of my friends think I just drink wine all day, true but I do have a conference call bright and early tomorrow. I’m not gonna make the required hours of beauty sleep so I’m signing off. Catch all you crazy winos tomorrow - or later today in the case of you insomniac east coasters who are up at this time of night.

Yes, come visit - shoot an email - info@bcellars.com - we’ll get you taken care of. Remind me you’re a wooter when you’re ready to set up your appt.