B Cellars Napa Valley 2007 Red Blend - 2 Pack

B Cellars Napa Valley 2007 Red Blend - 2 Pack
$62.99 + $5 shipping
1 Blend 24 2007
1 Blend 25 2007
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seems like there are 3 blends in 2007,
24, 25, 26
This offering is for the 24, and 25.
it would have been a sweet offer if it had all three! lol

At the B-Cellar’s Website,
Blend 24 = $45
Blend 25 = $55

Well, what happened to blends 1-23? I guess that adage needs changed that the 24th is the real charm, not the 3rd.

On their site they sell the 2007 24 for $45 and the 25 for $55. That’s already $100 without S&H. So once again looks like a pretty good deal. 26 seems pretty difficult to find online. It would be nice if it was included in this deal, but still at around $67 that’s around 33% off without even factoring in S&H. Gonna have trouble passing on this deal especially with all the great reviews out there.

What’s our drinking window for these wines? I see 8-10 on the 25, but how about the 24?

Is 8-10 the endpoint? When might the optimal window for opening these up for the first time?

That is some expensive wine right there.

Hi Kids…it’s great to be back on wine-woot with you. Trust me, these are 2 beautiful wines and a smok’n deal at $62.99. Of course I am biased, we made these incredible wines - check out the tasting notes on each; this is the handy-work of winemaker Kirk Venge and he nailed it when it came to the 2007 vintage.

Hope to welcome you to the winery one day and take you through all of our wines. In the meantime, don’t let this two-pack offer pass you by - where else other than woot will you find two limited production wines with this pedigree and immediate drinkability. Yikes! listen to me ramble…time to call it a night.


Last wooter to woot: jtan99

In for 2.

07 is a great year for Napa!

Couldn’t agree with you more! Problem is, we only made 200 cases of the Blend 26 from the 2007 vintage and it went quick. If I were you, I’d scoop this offer up and add the 26 from the 2008 vintage later - you might even twist my arm for a library bottle of the Blend 26 from the 2007 or ealier vintage - there’s a few cases left!


Couldn’t agree with you more! Glad to hear you’re in for 2…appreciate your support. By the way, we opened a 2007 Blend 24 tonight and had it with a homemade pizza on the grill - what a way to go…


I just tasted both at an industry event…this beats the wholesale prices, and are tasting well.

I just tasted both at an industry event…this beats the wholesale prices, and are tasting well.

I guess the third time is a charm for many attempts. When we started to think about branding for B Cellars we decided to name our Blends much the way the european car companies think of naming cars - meaning tying the number to an element of performance (i.e. BMW - 325, 525, 650,750, etc.). The numbering of B Cellars wines between Blends 23 to 26 are reflective of the range of Brix we look to achieve at harvest time - an indication of optimal grape ripeness. And this is just one of the components we measure…more on this later!


In for two. Duffy how do I take you up on the 2007 Blend 26? I am twisting your arm pretty hard right now!

My concern is that this may not be as good as the A Cellars.

I do like how they make differeny kinds of wine, and they harvest at lower Brix. 24 is pretty respectable for European-end wine lovers.

If this wine had been offered a few days ago I might have purchased it as it is the sort of wine I really like.

Good Morning Wine Wooter’s & B Cellars friends! I’m taking over for Mr. Duffy this morning and would love to chat - especially about wine!

How do you guys know when I’m broke. Again a fine wine and no shipping to WV. Thanks for easing the pain

I was in on the 2005 offering and it was great! We then stopped by the tasting room in Napa and, while we were disappointed that there was no winery tour (the Napa tasting room is shared by several wineries), we were thrilled that B called up the room and gave us another smoking deal on their Blend 26, which IIRC was spectacular!
If I had the money, I’d be in for the MAX on this screaming deal. :slight_smile:
I may have to sell a kidney, just so I can do a vertical with the 2005s left in the cellar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: