B.H. Smartvault Automatic Safe, Large

B.H. Smartvault Automatic Safe, Large

Any fire/flood rating on these?

Also… is that shelf removable?

I wonder if this uses the typical solenoid that can be unlocked with a magnet, a drop, or a forceful thump.

Yeah, that is exactly what I wanted to know. What is the fire rating? Can’t believe that was not included in the description.

I assume it’s not included since It’s not a fire rated safe. The walls are just made from 15 gauge sheet metal, so the wall thickness is ~ 5/64 thick.

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Hi all. Per the vendor:

The shelf is removable and there is no fire/flood rating on this safe.

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Ordered one for keeping jewelry/cash in. (Important documents will stay in the water/fireproof Sentry box)

It’s your basic hotel-style safe. You can program it with a regular code and also a “master” code… so, essentially two codes. Comes with two keys. You have to push a button on the inside to program it.

It has mounting holes on the back and the bottom to screw to a wall and/or shelf. Comes with mounting hardware (4 wall anchors & screws).

It makes you wait 3 minutes if you enter in a wrong code too many times.

Mine came with a dent in the door and the paint was chipped. Not a big deal to me as I’ll be sticking it up in a closet.