B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen In-Ear Headphones w/ Remote

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B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen In-Ear Headphones w/ Remote
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What does “Remote (European Version)” mean?

Woot’s Photos of the headphones are NOT model H3 that the description says they are. The photos are of headphones tuned by B&O that are packaged with LG V20 phones in some countries. If you search eBay and other places for B&O LG V20 Bundle Earphones you will see what is in the photos. The LG/B&O in the photos here is model EAB64410411.

B&O also has LG market their H3 model (which are metal, and a different shape, a totally different earphone). I wonder what you are actually getting here.

The BO website says there is a iOS and different Android version for the inline controls. Which are these?

These are not on the B&O website at all. If you look at the eBay listings, since they came with an LG android phone, the controls are for android.

Very strange. Seems they were made special for LG. The V20 had a promotion for free B&O earphones which had to be redeemed; the offer had an expiration date. The V20 was touted for its exceptional audio quality. One commentor who received them through that offer stated the box was marked B&O but no other indication. Ebay has them for a third the price, most but not all vendors being in Asia. A picture on Ebay of the genuine OEM LG V20 B&O do look like what is offered here.

However, others did receive the boxed B&O H3s with retail label, with a picture on the box that was not like what is offered here.

It appears that B&O tuned V20s were available outside USA and were the better version.

Very strange.

Your right on all. It appearently confused WOOT too.

The real H3 headphones were available in the US to V20 buyers, but as you said they were mailed in a separate box to owners.

The ones here I sincerely doubt were made by B&O (or their Chinese OEM). Instead, just like some V20 smartphones, and the speakers on HP computers, they were licensed and “tuned” by B&O. (whatever that means).

Point is, Not the highly rated H3 (which I own and love), not the specifications with “metal body” listed, and never $140 retail price, as you said these are available from USA based sources on eBay for $20 shipped.

UNLESS, the description is right and all the photos are wrong.

I see B&O finally expanded out of the railroad business

Hi all!

As noted in the title, these are the European model of this headphone. That’s why they look different than what you’re used to or finding on Google.

So what are you getting…A true $160 a pair or some other $20 knockoff…

If the knockoff…Please direct me to the generic on Ebay…


I would be interested (as I’m sure others would as well)in the true product, but all we get is gobbledegook explanations.

Interesting, since these on sale in Europe (UK Amazon) are simply not the same headphones. What gives?

Just in case anyone was curious, these just arrived. They are not H3’s and they do not come with 3 sets of ear buds, but they do come previously used. Thanks for the lousy headphones and complimentary earwax woot