b-Powerstick Portable Battery Charger for Mobile Devices



… long weekend ahead when this is how woot gets it started… and yet, i’m oddly intrigued… does it come in purple?
useful linkage blog is in effect its there… you knew it… but what’s the with the product today?.. i’m still trying to get a grip on it…


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There were no seriously related items for the b-Powerstick so I added their home page to TrackWoot for today. Also links to similar items on Amazon, Price Grabber and Froogle.

TrackWoot thinks this is a related item =)

Happy Woot. Even if you’ve got a dead phone battery!


alanis morrissette is already working on a cover.


That’s a lot of cables.


interesting concept, But I have a car charger if I need it.


why no ipod hook-up?


I would buy, but doesn’t work for my en-v


Ha! The product description would have made a great podcast…


Uhhh-huh-huh…you said “Power Stick”. huh!


No thanks tonight, Woot. I cant even find my regular charger most of the time anyways…theres no way I’d NOT lose this.


awesome description!


oh I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at those lyrics.


Love the song!


God damn! No one ever freaking makes these things for the Samsung SCH-A850. WTF? <_<


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b-Powerstick Portable Battery Charger for Mobile Devices
$10.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Bluegears b-Powerstick Portable Battery Charger for Mobile Devices - BG01138


Well, it’s a lot smaller than those power inverters sold earlier, but how much juice can you except to get out of one battery? 2 hours depending on “battery used, network provider & the mobile phone model” isn’t much help…


nice song btw


usb silly


You could use the USB for it. Of course you would need to haul your sync cable around too.


doesn’t work for the en-v! anyone know of any great sites to get accessories for the en-v