B&R Farms Apricots, 4 lb

B&R Farms Apricots, 4 lb

$12.50 a pound for dried apricots? Think I will get some New York strip steaks instead.


Last time these were up I bought them. The price was $39.99. I have been anxiously awaiting them to be for sale again, but with this higher price I am going to have to pass regardless of how amazing these apricots are.


I guess I’m missing where they get $70 for the regular price. The B&R Farms website regular price for these is $50.25 + $14.35 for shipping via the least expensive method.

I see that the night owl Woot mods edited the listing and removed the “$70 regular price” from it since I first posted this reply. Yes, I’m watching you. :wink:


The listing still claims $70 (crossed off, 29% discount).

Do people actually pay $12.50 per pound for this stuff?

I just got a 2.5 lb bag of dried apricots from Costco for $9.19 (non-member)

To be fair - a 4lb bag of these from the company’s website - with cheapest shipping and the fancy kind - is 69.73. About 70 bones.

My calculator comes up to $64.60, including cheapest shipping. I guess it depends on where you live.

Sprouts has the Turkish apricots for $3-$4/lb on a regular basis, this one is a hard-pass!

These are much better than your standard Turkish apricots you can get at the grocery stores. I kinda doubted that they could be so much better as to justify the price difference, but I ordered them the last time they were offered (at the $39.99 price as mentioned above). I must say that the difference is night and day.