B&R Farms California Blenheim Dried Apricots 2-Pound Bag

Uhhh… huh…
Probably one of the most interesting non-wine wine.woots I’ve seen so far

Are these kosher?
Does dried fruit even need a hechsher?

Hi Everyone. We are excited to be back on Wine.Woot. I have to say I love the writers!

Feel free to ask me any questions you have.

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For the man and the son of the house- they love their dried fruit to make them rooting and tooting. Hence the last wooter name above totally cracked me up.

I got these last time. They were delicious.

Unfortunately, one of them snapped a crown when I bit down on it, and resulted in a couple of thousand dollars worth of dental work - thus making it the Worst. Deal. Ever.

Can I get a witness? I have come to accept the fact that wine.woot foodstuffs are generally better than what I can pick up at the grocery store, but can somebody who has had these tell me if that is the case for these apricots?

TWO pounds???

If that will not make you regular, nothing will.


Seriously though, nice item at a decent price.

B & R Farms is not currently Kosher Certified. I’m not sure about your second question. We do get requests for Kosher but very infrequently.

Do these qualify as a healthy snack, or are they just tasty?

What is the fat and calorie break down for say…five of these bad boys?

Previous woot.

Bought three bags last time; one for each grandmother for Christmas and one for Mom. Added some dark chocolate and slivered almonds to create “kits” and they were a big hit. Don’t think I’ll buy them again without a holiday coming up, though.

So what wine would pair well with these apricots?

I got these last time and they were certainly delicious. I have since abstained from purchasing dried apricots until another wine.woot deal came along.

I suggest buying 3 right now before the deal runs out. Keep one, give away two.

…and on the 8th day God created food.woot

I can get these at the whole-foods market near my home. They are very, very good. In fact, now I have a definite hankering and think I will be hitting that store tomorrow for some of these (and some other glorious spring/summer fruit and veggies). They’re slightly more in cost but they don’t take 2 weeks to arrive and they don’t get thrown around and stored in non climate controlled rooms and trucks in 90º± outside summer temperatures along the way.

I’m so sorry about your crown! It’s very rare that tiny bits of kernel from the apricot pit are found. Again, my apologies.


There you go.

Further, these are the “Sun Blend” apricots. Site order page: http://www.brfarms.com/products/14
I like that us wooters get a special size at a great price :).

Can you tell me when these were first harvested as fresh fruit to be processed? When exactly were these California-grown fruit picked? Thank you in advance for any feedback you can offer.

Hechsher basically means “kosher approved”.

are these mac-compatible?
I’m worried my mouse might take a fancy to them.

Maybe I missed this somehow, but do these have any preservatives?