B&R Farms California Blenheim Dried Apricots 2-Pound Bag

I love dried apricots in general, but found these to be just ok last time Woot had them. I They were in no way revelatory or worth buying in quantity. This was probably my only non-stellar Wine Woot and I feel it’s my duty as a not-shill to report on it.

That said, it’s certainly a very fair price for a ton of apricots.


Our nutritional data is based on 3.5 ounces which yield 240 calories and 0.5 grams of fat. The nice thing about dried apricots is that they may have sugar but the high fiber content helps slow the absorption of the sugar. We have many customers who call in and say their doctors recommend them for assisting with blood sugar maintenance.

I love California apricots! I’ve never been fond of the yellow mediterranean ones. The California ones are always so moist.
I’m sorry about the earlier Wooter who broke a crown. Dried stone fruit are always a risk for breaking a crown. Unfortunately you have to check carefully before you bite down. Those pit fragments are hard as a rock!

The same offer last november.

Sounds like some mixed reviews but also absolutely a matter of personal expectation/tastes. Some legitimate concerns about the packaging raised as well?

Grateful to have B&R participation here already tonight - I’m sure many will be interested to see how they address the concerns/complaints that were raised throughout the last page of the previous order’s blog posting…

For the inevitable questions about ideas to use them for cooking besides eating straight:
-Would be wonderful in stews that involve Moroccan style spices - especially things with chicken, cardamon, coriander, etc!
-Baking! Cookies, sweet breads, muffins, pastries etc!
-Take the time to slow cook a batch of steel cut oatmeal with these sliced up in the pot along with nuts, butter, a bit of sugar, and spices - Yum! Alternately, rice pudding cooked the old fashioned way - same idea!
-For more fun with any recipe try re-hydrating them by soaking overnight in some appropriate form of alcohol for the recipe in question :wink:

Last - a thought about the sulfites used as preservatives and dried fruit in general. Some people are very sensitive to sulfites in small quantities - nothing you can do about that. With others it takes a very large quantity to cause a headache but that can be easy when it’s tasty/compact food to eat! Consider the size of the full-sized piece of fruit before it was dehydrated and how all those calories/food value get packed into a small bite sized piece…just because you can/want to eat more than 4-5 of them in a sitting doesn’t mean that you should!

Dried apricots are suprisingly hardy. As long as the apricots are sealed in an airtight container they can withstand up to two weeks in less than hospitible environments with out being too much worse for wear. Glad you enjoy Blenheims where ever they are found. There are only 1000 plus acres left in commercial production so we appreciate your consumption.

Here’s an interesting tidbit to tie in these apricots to wine (which we so dearly love):
The sulfites in wine have long been blamed for headaches, but the average package of dried apricots contains radically more of the compounds than a bottle of wine.

So if you’re concerned about/allergic to sulfites, avoid the dried apricots and buy wines labeled ‘organic’ which have are regulated to have low levels of sulfites.

Those look yummy…does it come with the jar?

$7/lb on this woot deal. $7.50/lb on the website.

In other words, $1 off the normal $15 price for this amount.

No offense, they’re likely as delicious as described. Just that this is a “Meh” deal.

The Sun Blend grade of the Blenheims that are being offered were picked in July of 2010, dried, washed and sorted during the months of August and September and were stored in cold storage ever since in sealed cases.

No they come in a bag, there’s a caption beneath the picture saying we can’t have their canister and the alt picture has them in a bag


After the fresh fruit is washed and cut, it is laid on redwood trays to dry in 7 acres on the ranch. Just before they go out to dry, they are stacked in shed and smoked with sulfur which converts to sulfur dioxide and that is what preserves the color. We’ve been doing it the same way for 82 years.

kosher fruit, seriously?

Do you offer unsulfured ones?

Well the had to get to the store somehow…I’m assuming by the same non climate controlled trucks in 90º± outside summer temperatures :wink:

What’s the shelf life of these things? How long in an unopened bag…how long once it’s been opened…what’s the best way to store in each situation?

Tuesday I was thinking, “Hmm. I’d really like some dried apricots. Those ones that were on wine.woot a while back sounded really good, but they sold out before I could get any.” So I searched out your website and was trying to make up my mind what I wanted.

How would you compare the Sun Blend with the Royal Medallion in terms of flavor and texture?

In what fantasy world is nine dollars per pound a good price?

Tell me, did you know they sell jeans for under $100?

Sulfites can be a concern for those who are sensitive. We sell apricots to Japan. Japan has a very stringent set of standards for customs in sulfur levels. We test our apricots’ sulfur levels with an independent lab and the range is within 1400 to 1800 parts per million. Japan will reject entire sea containers if the sulfur content is too high, so we try to keep the sulfur as low as possible. Thanks for your comments.