B&R Farms California Blenheim Dried Apricots 2-Pound Bag

B&R Farms California Blenheim Dried Apricots 2-Pound Bag
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PRODUCT: 1 Sun Blend 2-lbs. bag California Blenheim Dried Apricots

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Dip them in chocolate and I will buy.

Bwaaahahahahahaa1!! whine.wooters, that is what you get for complaining about the cheeeeze!!! roflmao!!!

From a previous offering:

“We don’t grow organically at this time and they are preserved with sulfur dioxide.”

got these last offering… I ration them out… they are super yummy!!!

Member the sea salt caramels~YUMMMMMMMM

Yes! Glad to see these are back. After I ordered these last time, I lamented only getting 2. In for 3 this round.

I’m finishing up my first bag of these. They are very very good, but I didn’t find them a lot better than the dried apricots I can find at my farmers market. If you don’t have anything like that readily available (perhaps to buy in smaller amounts), go for em. Like I said, they are very tasty.

From the cheesemaking kit thread:


We also sell them dipped in milk or dark Swiss chocolate but we don’t ship during the summer. They make excellent gifts at Christmas. My sister likes them so much that she’s recommended that we rename them. She suggested: “Crack” since they are really addictive.

book mark this for future reference:

I bought these. They are really good. Super sweet, almost like candy. Pace yourself though, 2 lbs is a lot. I pounded too many out of the gate and got sick of them before I finished the bag.

I love these!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Okay, so someone complained about the possibility of bringing out the apricots being a woot off killer…and now the apricots are here.


Powers that Be, please, oh please, do not put up the salted chocolate caramels. Surely, that will be the end of this woot-off.

7240 vitamin a’s seems like quite a lot. im in for 14480 vitamin a’s!

If you want a really great apricot then these are the ones to get. I ordered a bag a few weeks ago & can tell you they are really a great value. Not only are they a very moist & flavorful dried apricot unlike any you’d get in the store, they also rehydrate for sauces, stuffings, and other recipes extremely well. Do yourself a favor & get an order of these, you’ll be glad that you did.

jmho, but Blenheims are the best apricots evah!

These are VERY YUMMY!!!

I bought 2 lbs from their last woot.

I took a 1.75 Liter bottle of Absolut Vodka, poured 750 ml into an empty bottle, chopped up 1 lb of the apricots, and put them in the 1.75 L bottle with a cup of sugar. Shake until dissolved, then every 2 weeks.

In 7 weeks, Apricot Liqueur!

I see what you did there.

Lets hope it works~but being summer me thinks not.