B&R Farms California Blenheim Dried Apricots

B&R Farms California Blenheim Dried Apricots
$9.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Sun Blend 2.0 lbs bag California Blenheim Dried Apricots

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So how much wine can I squeeze out of these puppies?

These look darn good. Are they organic?

Apricot Amarone? WIN! :tongue:

I’m assuming these contain the preservative Sulfur Dioxide (or some sort of similar sulfur-based agent) to retain the orange color?

It gives me shortness of breath, so I’d like to know.

Preservative free perhaps? I know they usually list the sulfur if it is in the ingredients because of sensitivities…

Hi, I work at B & R Farms. I may be a bit biased, but I believe they are as good as they look and no, they are not organic.

$13.75 + shipping for a 1lb bag on their website, so this is less than half the price. Good deal.


the woot is a better deal than blenheim’s on amazon.


Two versions of this at Amazon, one for $6.95/lb with $11 shipping to the East Coast for two pounds worth (and not eligible for Prime), and one for $8.00/lb with $9 shipping (also not eligible for Prime), which makes it a wash at $25 either way.

So basically, you’re saving ten bucks here.

Wow, thanks for the fast reply. They do look really good.

Yes, they have been smoked with sulfur dioxide. I believe the average range of sulfur content is between 1300 to 1600 parts per million (ppm). We get them tested at an independent lab for verification. My recommendation would be either let them “breath” for a bit, they will darken as the sulfur dissapates or we also offer unsulfured but you’ll need to call us on the 800 number (not on our website) and we’ll be happy to send them out.

So would you recommend eating all two pounds at once or spreading consumption over a few days?

They are, however, all natural.

.got the answer

Well, I love apricots, I guess I am going to have to pull the trigger even though I just bought the Shit.woot today too.

Shipping smartpost – should arrive just in time for Christmas gifting.

It depends on your “constitution” but unless you enjoy spending a lot of time in your restroom, I would not recommend eating them all in one day…I’m just saying

Per ounce this is just as good a price shipped as pretty much any of the others you’ll buy in the store (at least if you by 3). We buy dried apricots regularly, so this is definitely worth trying.

And considering that it takes 6 lbs of fresh apricots to make 1 lb dried, it comes out to being equal the best sale prices (in the midwest) for a lb of fresh apricots. And I don’t have to go through the extra work, time, and electricity to dry them myself.