B&R Farms California Blenheim Dried Apricots

I assume it doesn’t affect the taste and is harmless. 1300 to 1600 ppm sounds very microscopic.

Does that mean we can get our wine.woot orders shipped as the unsulfured variety? Because I would very much like to have that done and would be very willing to call the number.

Haha, so mean.

Picked up 3 as end-of-the-semester gifts for some Professors I feel I need to sweeten up before grading our Finals and Term papers.

Speaking of sweetness, what is the Sugar content in these? I checked on the website and it doesn’t have it listed there either.

yes, just the apricots, nothing but the sulfur dioxide as a preservative, which I understand is an approved form of preservation by California Organic Farming, per one of our cookie companies that uses our apricots.

And for another $155, you can get the carving set on sellout and slice these paper thin for your hors d’oeuvres.

You can cook with dried apricots too:

Southernfood Apricot Recipes

Dried apricot Recipes


I personally can’t taste the sulfur although, with our larger bags (5 lbs) when you open them you can smell it a tiny bit. I may just be immune to the smell at this point, but yes, we try to keep the sulfur as low as we can. I mostly can smell/taste the apricot itself, especially since the Blenheim is known for it’s rich flavor.

Yes, I imagine that would probably be a violation of due process.

Mean, but true. Depending on where you are, I would not expect them in less than 3 to 4 weeks. I think I’ve seen posts were smartpost orders have taken 5 or 6 weeks.

I, myself, don’t generally need things in a hurry, so I don’t pay a lot of attention to how long they take. Others care more, and can give you a better answer.

Here’s my favorite way to serve dried apricots with wine. Makes a great desert as well.

We’ve arranged for the Sun Blend grade of Blenheim for this specific order. This is our first time with Wine.Woot so I think you’ll need to ask them about the particulars. I’m not sure of what the correct protocol is.

Well then since I have the carving set I better pick up some of these.


That is a great question. I’ll need to get back to you on that. There is some nutritional information on our website: www.brfarms.com under the FAQ section. I’ll repost when I find out more.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying dried apricots with blanched almonds and a drizzle of truffle honey. Easy and sooooo good!

1300 to 1600 ppm in air will kill you instantly if you breath it, but I’m confident there’s not enough in these apricots to cause any problems.

Funny thing about sulfur dioxide. If you can smell it, you can get away from it without any lasting problems. At high concentrations, it burns out your sense of smell before you know it’s there.

And, on that happy note…

I have a random collection of “good enough” knives. Are the Shuns really that much better? I find myself so tempted…

PS: The Blenheim is probably one of the highest sugar content apricot varieties. Since their skin is so thin (they bruise easily) and they are very high in sugar when fresh, they rarely make it to even local farmers’ markets. They have a shelf life of only about 3-4 days until they get mushy, that is why they are great for drying.

What does the packaging look like? I’m thinking Christmas presents for some family members.

How dry are these?

A couple of decades ago, dried apricots were always tough and chewy (but very tasty - usually they were Turkish). Recently, I’ve come across some that tasted juicy - they even leave some sticky goo on your hands. Where would these fall?

The only problem with sulfur, is that you can’t share with your birdy pets.