B Toffee 2Lb - Your Choice: Milk or Dark

B Toffee 2Lb - Your Choice: Milk or Dark

www.brandinitoffee.com has a better offer right now. If you spend $100 or more you qualify for a 25% discount. If you spend $133.33 or more, you qualify for the 25% discount and free two-day shipping and a free insulated shipping container. You have to spend $133.33 or more for free shipping outside California to have a final total of $100 or more after the 25% discount is applied. The shipping charges for a $75 order ($100-$25) would have been above $51 to my location in Pennsylvania. (Note: California residents only have to spend $50 to qualify for free shipping, but still must spend $100 to qualify for the 25% discount.)

Two 2-lb boxes of dark chocolate almond toffee ($40 ea), one 1-lb bag of chocolate almond toffee toppers ($12), one 12-oz box of chocolate almond toffee popcorn ($13), one 12-oz box of cashew almond toffee popcorn ($13) and two 12-oz boxes of toffee popcorn ($11 ea) adds up to a total of $105 (0.75 x $140). with free shipping and an insulated container.

The Brandini website offers dark chocolate (no milk chocolate option) with almonds instead of pecans. I saw a gold tin but no cannisters.

Enter “toffee” in the search field on the brandini.com website to find extra discounts available for pre-ordering items for shipping Nov 13-17. This search displays items twice, one with the price for an immediate order and a second with the pre-order sale price. Enter “pre-order” to display only the pre-order sale prices.

With the extra pre-order discount, one 3-lb. Gold Tin Toffee ($48), one 2-lb. Box Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee ($32), one 1-lb. bag of Brandini toppers ($9.60), one 12-oz. box Chocolate Almond Toffee Popcorn ($10.40), one 12-oz. Cashew Almond Toffee Popcorn Box ($10.40) and three 12-oz. Toffee Popcorn Boxes costs $102.60 ($136.80 x 0.75) with the free insulated container and free 2-day shipping.