Babble over Caboodle 9517536

Babble over Caboodle 9517536

VOP’d :frowning:


Snagged it on the app

And now, it’s time for everybody’s favorite gif:

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Right, normally I can get these things decently, but now watching all methods still get in and at 90% or so and not had luck.

Oh… I’ll shut up now, just got a caboodle out of the VOP.


Wow, been a long time but I got another CRAP!

Pass that mojo onto me! I feel like I’ve lost my touch, ha.

If you ignore the fact that the app constantly logs you out without telling you, its the way to go for crap. Just seems to pop up faster than the browser. Snagged the last one an hour ago on the app

Yes, successfully did NOT get one! Crap avoided!

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Oh wow. I just got my first bag of crap in 16 years. What a great day. I can’t wait to be disappointed.

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VOP round 2!

I guess you have to be in process of complaining!


finally got one! The app crashed on me when trying to log in the first time, but went through the second time.

Got one!

Finally got one! Tricky woot let me through this time. <3

Huzzah! Another inbound sack of disappointment and regret!

How long should I wait in VOP before giving up, or will it kick me out when everyone got their stuff?

Well you just missed one in the Prime Store.

(No Prime account needed.)

Again I leave venue empty-handed. But It was an honor just to be nominated and to be there with all of you

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