Baby Elephant Detailed Cookie Cutter

Baby Elephant Detailed Cookie Cutter

BEWARE AND LOOK CLOSELY AT THE PICTURES. It does not say in the description, but this is a cheap 3D printed item and poorly printed. You can see in the 2nd to last (8th) picture before the “made in the USA” slide that these come with free plastic shavings to come off in your food. I’m not a friggin’ sea turtle. I don’t want to eat plastic! :triumph:

I’m pretty sure that’s flour.

Not on mine.

Yup… those are 3d printed.

Oddly priced on their website with some tips and tricks on usage.

Baby Elephant Detailed Calf Gentle Giant Animal Zoo Cookie Cutter USA PR2558
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On the picture? Or you bought the cookie cookie cutter?

I bought it, yes.

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I got this and I knew it was 3d printed. The seller has many interesting cutters. I especially like that they have a toilet paper with the paper hanging overhand.

Anyway, my elephant is in good condition and doesn’t have an issue with leaking any shavings. The inside edges are rough, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference in the dough. Also, maybe because I gave it a good wash (by hand) I haven’t had your issue.

Either way, you’re not going to get an intricate detailed multi-level cookie cutter in the standard steel format, unless perhaps it’s very expensive.

Ahhh that clarifies things. Thanks!

I did not have the same luck.

I’d be contacting CS for a refund if it were me.
Also, description says “clay”?

Yep. Waiting for them to respond. Came here to share so no one makes the same mistake.

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Mine has rough edges but it doesn’t come off in the food. They’re still there even after cleaning with baby bottle brush. Maybe you got one that wasn’t cleaned or sanded or whatever they do. I’m happy with mine.

@modi123 you have 3d printer, do these need to be sanded or filed? Can we use a nail file? Or is that bad?

It means the cutter can be used with clay. Kids often use cookie cutters when playing with play dough or soft modeling clay.


I regularly sand and use a metal file on prints to get them smooth so yeah, that aught to work. Don’t go full ham on it or you may go through the plastic walls into hollow spots.

Just hand wash after to remove any of the plastic dust and bits.