Baby Trend Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat and Base

I’d like to help move this along , but I think my 9 year old is too big for this.

Ok, If I had a baby, I wouldn’t be buying my car seat here.


these things are going for $89 on! Savings you just can’t pass up, everyone go in for 3!

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Walmart $39.99

At least it has nothing to do with waffles… Unless you count the baby excrement that will end up in it someday!

Give or take 3 hours that time is when all the gems start coming out. Sometimes I hate having the need to sleep. :frowning:

WTH is this doing on w00t??? Srsly, I’ve been here for five years, and since Amazon got involved it really hasn’t sucked so much!

It evidently goes to show that money is king after all, and people will sellout eventually.


Think they will be selling any refurbished babies later on?

Baby Trend has some of the best car seats. The handle is triangular so it’s ergonomic to carry. Also, it unlocks from the front of the seat (by baby’s feet) so it might be confusing to baby snatchers.


I expect to see a nice merlot popping up in kids.woot next.

for just the base

We can use these to cart around all of us that didn’t score a bucket of carp!

On an unrelated note: I just used my Original Dirt Seasoning on Stroganoff Hamburger Helper - it not only made it edible, it made it YUMMY. I can't wait until I score the other flavors!

Is this Mac Compatible?

walmart is not $39.99. the base only is $39.99 at walmart! so this is actually an excellent deal!!

I wish these things would conveniently disappear.

Question for anyone that this has happened to before.

When the BOC popped up, I happened to be perfectly prepared to drop it in my cart. Since it was already set as an order of three, one was added to my order and I entered all my info. I said I was paying via PayPal and clicked the big yellow button. Just like everything else I’ve ever ordered from woot.

Unfortunately, the order was “processing” for quite some time, then I received an error message about the server. I tried refreshing and checking my PayPal. No dice.

When I contacted PayPal they said there was an attempt to make payment but the request timed out and the site lost contact with the requesting site.

Will contacting woot allow me to get my purchase honored, or have I just been screwed by the server gods? Anyone have experience with this problem?