Baby Trend Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat and Base

Short Answer: no

Oh sweet, I’m in Michigan. So… uhh… any ladies out there?

Haha just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok. But you’re still screwed. Sorry. :frowning:

Too bad this isn’t a convertible car seat. I need one :frowning:

That and we still can’t afford to pay full price for our car seats.

When paying with Paypal you have to have available funds in your Paypal account. It will not pull from your checking account. I learned this the hard way too.

Good one for baby rug rats.


bring on dem monkeys!!!

I have had the same model for 3 years now with no complaints. I’ve been looking to pick up an extra base to keep in another car and found them for $39.99. $10 extra for the seat made this a no-brainer.

We also have a stroller designed to carry the seat. It’s definitely worth it to get the stroller to go with the seat.

It occurs to me that I’m now one of probably very few people who have ever said, “Honey, I wooted another car seat”.

Can you tell me a good place to get the extra base for less than forty?


walmart 39.54

I was ordering the bag of crap when I pushed the button the server just froze.

This would be good for bringing frozen turkeys or watermelons home from the grocery store.

That has never been the case for any woot purchases for me. Probably because I have my card number listed first, with the account number as backup.

Wal mart 39.54. It’s under $40 but barely.

Hey Woot!

There are nerds present. Putting up things like this might give them ideas. One of them is sure to add a motor to this and kill somebody.

There is none. Amazon, Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, every where I’ve looked they are all $40. Might as well buy the seat and sell just the seat on craigslist.

Welcome to being screwed by the over-taxed servers. You missed out on Crap. On the bright side, most of them are actually crappy. Better luck next time.

Got this yesterday and happy with it, but haven’t used it yet (baby due in July!).

BUT, filled out the registration card and realized the seat was manufactured in early 2007! It’s FOUR YEARS old.
I mean, it’s new, but still…

The base was made in late 2010.