Babyliss Styling Tools - Your Choice

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Babyliss Styling Tools - Your Choice
Price: $19.99
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Time to check out the product page for the BABP2531 model

Let’s hear from some wooters that have these! …Wonder what this is?

Finally, I’ve been looking everywhere for a tactical styling tool.

I actually have a Babyliss curling iron- that is a good 18 years old(I inherited it from my older sister). Seriously, it works like a charm after all these years. The price you guys are offering is simply UNREAL, especially for the styling iron.

No fun puzzle to solve? That’s half the fun of a TT BOC. I bit though. Most likely my last one inbetween houses for quite a while.

Dang it, Lich! You did it again. :tongue:

If I still had hair, I would be all over this. And I am a guy.

I initially thought these were some sort of tactical ninja home defense weapons.

I’m guessing these are not dual voltage models?

The team checked the samples. They’re single voltage. Sorry.

Wish there was an actual flat iron offered! I have a BaByliss flat iron and I’ve been very happy with it… I’ve just used it nearly every day for the past 4 years and it still works great though I’d definitely be willing to replace it if I saw a good deal on another.