BAC Track Select Breathalyzer Kit

if it were cheaper i’d buy it just to see how high i could get it.

I need one of these RIGHT NOW!

omg a Breathalyzer that doesn’t look cheap

Doohicky Geeklocation

NightGhost, will this pick up the Everclear in my Crystal light? It’s Cherry Limeade flavor, if that makes a difference.

It’s the BAC!

Sweet! My Uncle needs this bad!

hahahahah can i get rush delivery for my 21st this weekend!?!!?

Who gets drunk on a SIX PACK? Seriously?

These were featured on Dr. Phil today. He thought everyone should have one. Or four!

These are great! When I take my morning breathalyzer, I get the sensation of drinking heavily, while hallucinating about drunken giraffes in a rehab center filled with flying Woot monkeys.

In for one me and my buddy were just talking about these last night prior to the woot off, perfect timing


you need to wake up and buy 3 of these.

i really want one of these just because.

my friend had one at a party and we were the lame-o’s trying to see who would “win”

I’m going to buy one for several reasons:

  1. I am drunk.

  2. I have nothing better to do.

  3. I will get a different colored square.

Every Wooter needs one of these…hahaha

horrible reviews, very innacurate