Bach Ness Monster

I think the piano is a bit water logged.

What does the text say? Too small for me to read.

Looks like: “Fig 1. Bach Ness Monster” to me.

Looks like…
Fig. 1. Bach Ness Monster

The way the wig is perched on its head is so perfect.

Irresistible. And +1820 or so for Shupacabra ; )

Edit: Yes, that should be Shubacabra…internal I remember exact spelling from the writeup check slows after midnight

I’m the conductor of a symphony orchestra - and my musicians probably see me as a person who dresses a bit conservatively, even for rehearsals. When I show up in this shirt, I’m sure it will blow minds…even if it’s NOT during a Sauro"Pops" Concert…

Maybe there is more to Nessie than we ever thought considering that she must have some super articulating flippers to allow for play cords.

This shirt is great! Nessie must be channeling very late Bach though, if that’s actually a piano rather than a harpsichord or pianoforte…

This truly made me lol. Love it!

And so I said “How much to play at my wedding?” and he replied “I need about treefiddy.”

It was about that time I noticed this musician was about 500 feet tall and from the Baroque paleolithic era.

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YUP- buying this for my music teacher wife… :smiley: Awesome one, man!

Goofy puns and nice art. Now that’s a bit of old school woot action right there.

If only it were on AA…

I gave him a dollar!

The Bach Ness Monster would be playing a harpsichord, not a piano-forte.

I’ll buy one when it costs Tree Fiddy

Exactly. Which, is why I sadly cannot buy this for my dad.

This is awesome!