Bachelor Or Cash 588951

If I told you the answer to this, I may lose out next time :rofl:
I’ve had it work either way. It’s a gamble.

I doubt this cause a loss of place since this VOP auto refreshes anyway.

I refreshed, got a bag. It’s pure luck either way. Or roll of the evil woot dice

Oh maybe i’m wrong then. I could have sworn that you lose your place in line, but maybe not if you’ve succeeded after refreshing!

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Damnit, work is really cramping my woot-off style today!

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Dang it! This one was MADE for me and I missed it because I underestimated Woot’s deviousness.


Hi. You can stay logged on your laptop while shopping on your app. That won’t cause any issues.

The VOP is supposed to kick you out when the item is sold out but sometimes it gets a bit lazy. You can leave after 5-7 minutes for sure.

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Must be pretty lazy today. It hasn’t kicked me out yet.

Thank you, ThunderThighs! :smiley:

Red = number of orders attempted. Most go to VOP. One spike for each sale today.
Blue = number of orders going through.



Thank you Woot Staff for some answers. So for in the vestibule, can you refresh screen?

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I believe you can refresh but you shouldn’t need to. Since I can’t buy BOCs, I don’t have first hand experience.

These are such a joke

I just broke the news to Grayson…:grimacing:


No, I suspect I accidentally double tapped or something. There’s always next time.

Did @davejlives get the hint?


I like to refresh the VOP repeatedly just to tax their servers…because, you know…if they’re gonna jack with us, i’m gonna jack with them!