Bachelor Or Cash 588951

Must be pretty lazy today. It hasn’t kicked me out yet.

Thank you, ThunderThighs! :smiley:

Red = number of orders attempted. Most go to VOP. One spike for each sale today.
Blue = number of orders going through.



Thank you Woot Staff for some answers. So for in the vestibule, can you refresh screen?

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I believe you can refresh but you shouldn’t need to. Since I can’t buy BOCs, I don’t have first hand experience.

These are such a joke

I just broke the news to Grayson…:grimacing:


No, I suspect I accidentally double tapped or something. There’s always next time.

Did @davejlives get the hint?


I like to refresh the VOP repeatedly just to tax their servers…because, you know…if they’re gonna jack with us, i’m gonna jack with them!


I hope it’s the cash and not the bachelor, unless he’s got a really good paying job,
which is not likely if they work for Woot!

I refreshed twice, about 15 seconds apart and got a BOC in my cart and I was able to order it too.

First two BOCs I tried landed me in the VOP, even though I hit the order button THE second it appeared. The third BOC to appear got me all the way to “Log in with Amazon,” but kicked me to VOP when I hit “ Continue.”
The forth time, I got straight to the order page without having to sign in via Amazon. “Score!”
Waiting in the VOP is futile, either give up and wait for the next BOC to hit or, if you can, backpage to the Wootoff page and hit order again and hope you can slip through the server jam. This has worked for me during the Woot! birthday Wootoff.
HOWEVER, I theorize that if you have already purchased something during the Wootoff, you stand a greater chance of getting kicked to the final order page because all your info is already cached in the system, ready to go.
I will now have to wait 32 days test my theory. But the rest of you poor suckers are perfectly welcome to try in the meantime.


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Bachelor Or Cash will arrive Thursday.
Will it be a “dream” or a “dud”?

”Open the door and find out!”

It was the typical 6.3# shipping weight, so it’s either cash or a really small bachelor.

…or it’s approximately 6.3# of disappointing random crap culled from the dark, Stygian corners of the Woot! werehouse in Carrollton, TX.