Back By Poplar Demand! 20 Classic Tees

Has anyone else tried to purchase a shirt that says “$8.00 + Free Shipping”, however, when I add to cart and proceed to check out, the $5 shipping charge is there. I’m using the app but I also tried on the website, still charging me.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes To Shirt.Woot Pricing In March

Yes, the mobile app hasn’t been updated to reflect our new pricing. Instead of including shipping, we’ve lowered the price of the shirts and charge shipping. The good news is that this lets you add more shirts to your cart and pay one shipping charge.

Last year my mother, who at one time was a docent at the Carnegie Museum paleontology department, fell and broke both shoulders (badly). She had both arms in slings, and was pretty much helpless.

I got her the “Wishful Thinking Remix” t-shirt. She laughed so hard it hurt. And then she took it with her to the Orthopedist’s office, where it was a big hit.

So thanks to the designer of this shirt, for one of the best t-shirts ever!

Nice remix of Wishful Thinking. It’s always popping up on reddit. I wish PixelPants had more time to make shirts. :^)