Back in My Day



Off my lawn. NOW!


The only thing I owned as a kid was the viewmaster… so I’m pretty sure I’m not old yet. I hope :tongue: Just don’t release this design in a few years with a SNES, Gameboy, and Portable CD Player.


Verily! And even though I already have more shirts than I need, I’m going to get one.


Also just noticed that that joystick looks like one I have for the Commodore 64.


Ummm- The only thing I owned as a kid was the viewMASTER. That was because the other two hadn’t come out yet!


Oh, hey! I remember using all that stuff when I was a kid. Er, wait, does that make me old…


And I was just listening to my crotchety boyfriend birch about those new phone and tablet games, and how they can never be as good as consoles because of the screen size and touch screen controls. Thank you woot, this shirt is perfect.


You sound like a posing hipster.

It’s called a VIEW MASTER! get it right you millenial hipster here’s your trophy! :wink:


I think I might have a couple 1541’s laying around. And tons of 5 1/4s too. Manic Miner, Lode Runner, BMX!

ahh my youth.


I would say that it’s awfully close to one of the third party Atari joysticks, myself.


I’m older than 8 track, and any home computer. I’m in for one. This shirt will make me feel better about being old!


Oh yeah that’s what it was called. Edited Fix’d Thanks!

Edit Edit: Also, Whats a posing hipster?


Wait, they don’t make Viewmaster anymore? Somewhere I still have a lunchbox with the device and several discs in it. He-Man is one of them, if I recall.


They were still making them in the early 90’s I had Aladdin, Lion King, Jetsons and some other ones I can’t remember right now.

Yeah looks like they still make it… With Dorah, Spongebob, and kungfu panda reels.


The joystick reminds me of the one I used on the Amiga, but all joysticks were pretty much the same in the beginning.
I miss the old rotary dials on games like tempest. Ah memories…


This was stuff for a child of the 70’s.


No View-master but had a Wico Bat handle Joystick for the C64, it kicked butt!


Nope, I’m from the 80s and had all of these new.


I got my View Master in January 1955 with a Snow White & 7 Dwarfs disc. Didn’t go for the joystick, but have a cassette player with headphones and yes, it still works. M