back off crybaby

back off crybaby

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Snaged. Yay.

Done thanks back to work


Woohoo! I got one! Disappointment awaits.

3rd time’s the charm. Probably has something to do with it being the “crybaby” BOC. :rofl:

finally… guess I have to get back to work

Got this one! Which is funny cause when I went to tell my wife my daughter was running to me crying… Lol

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Well, this was fun…

Still was able to get it. Woot!

Got one! Now I can just do what I need to get done today and not worry about it! LOL

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0/3 :frowning:

Yay! Crap for meeeee.

Geez, my Chrome forum notifications are slacking today! :frowning: Here’s to more luck for the rest of the day.

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87” Topps


Got one finally!!! Yea!!!

Congrats everyone on your incoming disappointment!


You all doing those $50 bags like you all did a couple of years ago, or are those just for Woot’s B-day now?

Any letters?

Nope. We didn’t have luck the last few times we’ve done letters - people not reporting them or not posting what they got. We’re taking a break from letters.

We’re done with the special bags for a while. Too high expectations lead to disappointment.