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I just bought the Asus TP300LA-UB52T Transformer. I hope it’s a goodie.

This is a solid machine. Have this for about 2 months and is perfect. Will upgrade the hdd to ssd in a year in order to keep the warranty intact.

Apparently refurbished now means abused too. Arrived dented and it seems 2 USB ports aren’t working.

I get that things get replaced and it’s refurbished but this clearly has been dropped and resold

If the ports aren’t working, I’d recommend reaching out to Asus.

If you need additional assistance, please send your order details to CS can check into your account and options.

Well this is slightly disheartening. I have a laptop from this deal arriving Wednesday.

I did that but ASUS is saying if they deem it as having physical damage then they would charge me to repair it. Damage that clearly isn’t my fault.

On top of that Woot is saying they have no replacements…yet it’s still for sale on the site???

If you’re encountering issues with Asus please write into and let Woot CS know how you received the item and that ASUS was requesting payments for repair.

They should be able to answer any questions you have and help find a resolve.