Back to Basics 220P23 Extra Coarse Salsa Screen

What is this? Does it help with dancing lessons

It’s for a “Back to Basics” grinder. Who knew.

Not me! I was wondering what the heck a Salsa Screen was.

Glad somebody finally asked.

Didn’t know it was a thing.

Who needs to grind salsa? Salsa is already salsa’d. I still don’t know what this is.

oh, that video was helpful. now, of course, I need one. but I don’t have a grinder. so now I need a grinder too. sigh.

What make and model of food grinder is it intended for? Why would they leave out such basic information? This is like offering tires for sale without telling what size they are.

It goes on this:

It looks like it goes with the Victorio Food Strainer, but I only know that because I have one.

Anybody know if it will fit on the old Squeezo tomato strainers? It looks like it should, and I think all the screens are interchangeable, but I’m not positive. Thanks.

I’m thinking this would make a super-cool urban chic light fixture.

and you never will.

The description says its for a “Back To Basics” strainer, not sure if it is interchangeble with any other manufacturers

WTF, either chop tomatoes and stuff with a knife or if you can’t be bothered used a blender or food processor on pulse. What an incredibly space taking uni-tasker!

I looked up the Squeezo Strainer. The screens for the Squeezo have two connectors with wingnuts to hold the screen in place. I don’t think this would fit without modification. Plus, the impeller screw looks like it’s shaped differently. If you have a Squeezo, though, it is a much superior machine to the Weston.