Back to Nature

Hooray, Finally a tote that I wanted at a time when I had money to buy a tote! Now, if we can just get that to happen with those lightweight zip hoodies…

Are those coming back (it IS spring now, after all), or have they been replaced with the jersey ones? I’m going to be sad if they aren’t coming back.

I asked Travis a while back because I too love them dearly, it’s apparently a little harder to find designs for them since they’re all heathered, so it’s not so likely we’ll have them again. Possible, but not probable :frowning:

To add to the ‘not probable’, there’s the cost and expectations too. The wholesale cost for the Alternative Apparel tri-blend (aka lightweight hoodie) is definitely higher, and for both the lightweight and jersey hoodies, folks still whine about their thinness even though they’ve been out for a while now.

That said … moar AA long sleeve tees, please? :slight_smile:

If only, NC, if only.

Ahhh, disappointing, but understandable.

Any recommendations for other places to find them? I remember before Woot started doing them, I spent long hours scouring cafepress to find designs that I liked enough to purchase, but those are not pleasant memories.

I love those things. They’re so lightweight, but so warm and cozy at the same time. Nothing else really compares, for me.

What about the zip totes? I love them dearly. :slight_smile:

Why no kids sizes Shirt.Woot??? Will there come a time where we can either choose
adult or child size, and then either: zip, hoodie, crew, tshirt, tank, bag…

Save the Jackalopes is awesome!

…if it were on AA.