Back to School Bonanza

Welcome to Back to School week on the Woot sites! Are you or someone in your family headed back to school soon?

Hmm… What are the woot totes like? I have a hilarious amount of books this semester and they don’t all fit in my backpack so the overencumbered one seems like it’s calling
My name.

I spy the glorious return of Heather Gray! (at least for long-sleeve tees.)

Are these ipad sleeves new? Will my almost bought ipad really be happy in it? Will it cover the ipad & the smart cover? Lot of questions for 12 bucks!

Can we please get pics of an iPad in the sleeve? We know we can’t keep it but just want to make sure it covers what we think it will cover. Assumptions can be bad sometimes…

Ah, the end of summer is nigh. As such, my thoughts turn to the wit and wisdom of good old Pete and Pete:

“What I did on Summer Vacation” (Part One)

Part 2

Part 3

Narfcake carries his tablet in a shirt (I know, who’s surprised?). I’m tempted to get him an actual shirt-tablet-cover, except I think his tablet isn’t an iPad.

Lots of really cool designs in this week’s side sale, but I confess I’m not ready for the return of heavy-weight hoodies!

Here’s a sample taken at my desk:

They’re pretty durable, made of neoprene (wetsuit material) and stitched together well. Great for slipping over an iPad and throwing in your bag. They won’t compete with the $50-60 cases, but for $12 they’re a pretty fun and inexpensive alternative.

Really disappointed, you think everyone has an iPad? Well guess again. Only 1 backpack? Just 2 totes? You should have put more effort in the backpacks and totes for sure. The Binge in a backpack would have been a great back to school item. One problem you would have had to raise the limit, I would have needed at least 6 to keep from disappointing the grand kids and others. As things are, I will pass.

Oh, hell. Now I have to buy an iPad too.

Maaannnnn… I really want the over-encumbered one on a shirt… Oh well…

I was thinking about buying a woot hoodie and I was just wondering if anyone knows the quality? Are they a thicker hoodie? Or are they the thinner quality material? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks fellow wooters!

I own 3 woot pullover hoodies and I love them. They are soft on the inside and have withstood a winter’s worth of wear. (Wash in cold, tumble dry low) I personally feel like they are good quality. I’m 6’1" 230lbs,(not 100% muscle;) but decent shape) and the 2Xs fit perfectly.

Since the heather gray long-sleeved tees are made in the USA, I’m guessing these are still AA shirts? Anyone know if they run about the same in fit as the men’s short-sleeved shirts? I would assume they do, but you know what happens when you assume things…

The size chart linked on the long-sleeved shirt pages are specific to that shirt. That’s a good place to start.

Please keep up the iPad sleeves. Nothing here for my taste, but for the right design, the price is great.

Gaaah! I really love all these designs, but I live in Texas, so I can’t wear long sleeves for another 3 months, I don’t need a tote, and I don’t have an ipad! Why must woot tease me with such awesome stuff that I can’t use??

I’m interested in the backpack, but would like to know more about it. Who makes it? What’s the quality like? I must consult the google before I call in the financial resources.

I remember someone griping about the Shakespeare A-Z one having little quibbly mistakes when it came out as a shirt. This one looks slightly different. Did the artist tweak it?