Back To School Notices

Cute + magic + owls

It’s a Hoot Woot! Nice job, Kellabell! :slight_smile:

Note that the Ravenclaw owls are wearing book-canon scarves (blue and bronze, rather than the cinematic blue and gray).

Why are there two 3rd year owls?

Would have been cool as a gift for my kids but woot is late as usual. School started this week, add in the shipping delay and it becomes pointless.

Don’t forget that Woot does offer expedited shipping for shirts. If you think your kids really would love it, then maybe it’s worth it in this case? The shirts are not very expensive, so adding additional S&H when needed for a gift isn’t really all that much.

And no first year…

In the good ol’ days, this shirt would have come in plenty of time. School didn’t used to start until after Labor Day! Sigh… Those were the days! :slight_smile:

Thanks all!! I was going to put a 1st year, but then realized I wouldn’t have a scarf for the owl since their kid would not have been sorted yet, also that would be a Welcome to Hogwarts not back to school… I put way to much thought into this :stuck_out_tongue:

I know nothing about Harry Potter. What do the signs mean?

I would’ve sworn you were trolling, if not for the fact that my wife (a teen as the books were being released) had never read or watched any HP until late last year. I talked her into taking the audiobooks with us on a long roadtrip - we finished the entire series in the evenings within 2 months. :slight_smile:

The signs are for returning students to Hogwarts (England’s wizarding school), which has 7 years of study. The various ‘years’ of students are split into groups on arrival each year. Although I think mostly it’s “first years” and “everyone else”.

There’re also two 5th-year owls. Maybe to mark the best and worst movie adaptations?

Can I still order a hoodie? Not seeing that option. Thanks!

Hoodies were only available on the first day of this sale. Sorry. Keep your eyes peeled for special hoodie events as the weather gets a bit crisper though!

How do I order the hoodie in this and the long sleeve shirt in the other hogwarts design!?

Sorry. Special items like hoodies and long sleeve shirts are only available on the first day of sales or in special plus events.