Back to School: Rock Out on Friday!


But don’t skip this class

Today I want to know your favorite Schoolhouse Rock songs to wrap up Back to School Week!


Bonus trivia, Three is a Magic Number was the very first Schoolhouse Rock song. Many years later, a tribute album named Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks was released.

  1. Who covered Three is a Magic Number?
  2. What year did it come out?



One of my faves:


But I think Zero is My Hero takes the cake.


Blind Melon 1996.


When you have to memorize the Preamble for class, this is the fastest way to memorize it -



This is my other favorite.

Anyone else able to sing Schoolhouse Rock perfectly, yet forget silly day to day things sometimes? :slight_smile:


I don’t want this thread to die, because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, but I did want to mention Mavyn is our trivia master so far for the thread! (That PM box? You should totally check it out :wink: