Back to School

Eco True Gold, what? I didn’t realize this was art class… I like the original color.

I’m still hoping for plain old lightweight hoodies - without the zipper. I’m a huge fan of hoodies, but I don’t always like them rated for 30° & sometimes I just don’t want a zipper. :smiley:

“You don’t want to show up at school in last year’s Shirt.Woot line.”

Ironic statement, seeing how several of the designs offered are from last year or even earlier.

ETA: Two of the LW hoodies have the wrong info on them. Unless the supplier changed, Alternative Apparel is made in the Dominican Republic and it’s a tri-blend, not 50/50. Mods: Feel free to delete this notation after fixing.

“Shoot for the stars, miss by a mile”

In terms of stars and space, 1 mile really isn’t much at all. In fact it’s nothing. In fact if you said you missed a planet or star wtc… by 1 mile, I would say you hit it.

I think the lightweight hoodies would be too clingy in a pullover.

Where are the other BTS derby winners? Cell Division? Night School? Substitute Teacher?

BTS Derby #212

Could we get 3x hoodies??

Aw maaan. My F This shirt didn’t make the cut ? :frowning:

Will any more of the back-to-school tshirts be printed and for sale again this fall or is this event done for the year?