Back To The Crap

Back To The Crap
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, May 15 to Wednesday, May 20) + transit
Condition: Crappy


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Did you miss it? Here are some Crappy Tips

1. Stay Logged In - When the current item reaches 5%, log out of woot and log back in to keep your session fresh
2. Keep your cart clean - Clear out any sold out items from your cart
3. Refresh the Community Page - New items show up faster on the community page than they do on the main page. When an item is sold out, the forums are the place to be.
4. Click the image - Make sure you are clicking on the image of the crap, and not the text. This will get you directly to the Add to Cart page, and save you some more time

Wow. Just like that. Score!

You Like me…you Really Like me!

I actually Got one…first time in Years!!

Don’t know if this is a Good thing or not, but what the hell!


I got crap last week so sadly it won’t let me have anymore. :frowning:

Yay! Got one. Looks there were a bunch.

Had to login, but still enough time to get this BoC! Thanks Woot!!!

That was Easier than normal.

I was just about to go to bed but I figured I would see what the new item was and lo and behold, a bandolier of carrots!

I have crapped this night and all is well.

Score! It can’t be crappier than last time, can it? My Valentine’s BoC had simul-crap, corn and all…

SCORE!!! my first one ever… oh the suspense

I bought a flash drive I had in my cart along with it, but I got a bag of crap. lol

Well, I was probably going to buy the flash drive anyway, the one I had just broke last week.

Twitter notification on cell. Click link, click link, open forum, click link, add to cart, proceed to checkout, log in, purchase…score. There must be lots of these so I expect much crappiness. (And an earful from the Mrs.)

I wasn’t even logged in, and still was able to get one. Must have been a ton of them.

Congrats on your first ever BOC. Hope it’s craptastic!

Was definitely surprised it lasted as long as it did. My wife and I were both able to get one, here’s hoping for some good crap.

There must have been a lot because I wasn’t logged in, typed my password wrong, got my bag, and then there was enough time left over to type about it to my friend who is unfortunately asleep and missed it… all before it finally sold out.

I feel so confused. I added it to my cart while opening my handy dandy password list >.> then logged in, then proceeded with order… And actually paid. I feel like something horrible went wrong because I actually got one. I am not sure succeeding should leave me so utterly flummoxed. XD

Crap not wait! BOOM!!