Back To The Crap

Noooooo! I missed this one because I flipped over to another webpage and spent a few minutes reading. Came back and a BoC came and went. Ha Ha.

I feel that way, too. I keep checking my order history to make sure it’s actually there and not some sort of joke. Of course, crap is the biggest joke of all, so we “win” either way. :slight_smile:

Here I thought I would have to pull an all-nighter in order to score some crap but oh no, the crap gods said “Let Wammie have Crap” and voila, Wammie scored herself some crap on the first try. Whew. I can comfortably go to sleep knowing that there is an unknown sized box just waiting to be filled with lots and lots of crap with my name on it - lol :). Fingers crossed that 4th time is a charm and my flying monkey Bubbles will be welcoming a MJ Bobblehead into the family - haha.

One of the rare times I’m actually awake (because I’m working) and I missed it. I blame you work, this is all your fault!

There’s always another BOC waiting around the bend.

Sure give away half the secrets to make it more fair =P


Thanks man. I feel better. :slight_smile:

Yep, same thing happened to me! In shock… happy shock!

Last night, as my wife and I were dozing off, I remembered that we forgot to put some leftover chicken in the freezer. She told me to go put it away, but as she gave me the detailed instructions on how it should be separated, she realized it would probably go better if she did it herself.

While she went off to the kitchen to bag up some chicken, I logged on to Woot from my phone and saw a BoC. In an instant, I was able to order it. Not only did my shopping cart work properly, but I was able to log in and pay with no problems at all. No browser timeouts… no HTTP errors… nothing. Unlike previous efforts at ordering a BoC, this was easy. A little too easy in fact – so easy, that I was starting to wonder if there was a catch.

In for one though. We’ll see what shows up.

As for the chicken, our freezer now has several bags of chicken.

Huzzah for Barley or Corn!