Can anyone tell me whether the Kelty Dillon backpack can fit a 17" laptop?

What particular model of laptop? You might be pushing it since the width of the bag is listed at 12.5" and that might be the external dimensions. 17" laptops can range from 11" to 13" inches “deep”. If yours is only 11", you could probably cram it in there.

Edit: Based on the volume, those are definitely external dimensions, so I don’t know how wide the internal compartment is. The overall shape of the bag is more oval than rectangle, so that’s another concern.

Which one of these is a Bag of Crap? I need something to put all my school crap in to.

Eii Woot you can find the Solo VTA121-3 Vintage 15.6 in Amazon for $28.94 with free cheaping :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a reason the black OGIO 111062.03 Newt II Mono Strap is $5 more than the blockade???

I very much doubt it. You’d be best off taking your rather large laptop into a sporting goods store and finding a model that can accommodate it, along with your textbooks if you have any. I bought a back pack on line thinking it would fit my laptop but the pocket zipper width wouldn’t allow the laptop to fit inside! Very frustrating - I had to put the laptop in the main bag compartment and put some padding on the bottom to try and cushion it.

Take a gander at the OGIO packs instead - they state in the specs that they will fit a 17" laptop. Caveat emptor, but at least you have a chance with that one. If the Kelty doesn’t mention a laptop, chances are good it won’t fit.

Supply and Demand is my guess. The black one is probably more desirable, so they can price it higher. The blockade one is all crazy patterned and nobody wants to buy it because it’d look silly, so they have to lower the price.

So trying to find a new backpack for school anyone used either of the kelty or ogio (two straps not one) backpacks? Need something that has a lot of room inside. Also want the water bottle holders on the side. Got to keep hydrated!

Has anyone used the active one for the laptop and ipad? I like the look but I’m not sure it will hold all the other accessories I carry - power supply, small bag for the mouse, webcam, etc, journal, and pens.

edit - I mean the Solo 15.6" for clarity.

I would go with an OGIO backpack in a heartbeat. We have had 2 OGIO bags for years and they hold up VERY well with a lot of abuse. Great quality.

Has anyone bought any backpacks off this site?