Backup Battery by Black and Decker – 2 Pack


wtf fuck shit woot and there bag of crap haha BOC

yes but only to cook a boca burger. halfway.

Serenity now…serenity now!!!

ok, an A for effort there, but an F-ail for community bonding. No, I didn’t try it either. Still amazed if they really are selling out each time… No way are y’all buying them over and over… are you? Really? I hope not… I have virtually no faith in humanity left s it is…

Sargent: I’m gonna pistol whip the next one of yous that says Shenanigans!"

Oh super troopers…

I did not know that. That is gramps to a T, but now it’s more grey then dark. Thanks for the insight (or how we say it in Texas … “Thanks for learnin’ me that”).


richard gere’s worst nightmare!

ok ok, looking at the pattern -
the first bucket of clods was the seventh product of the day.
The second blog of coyotes was the 14th product after the first bringer of chickas.

One could make a guess that the third blank ostrich creator will be the 21st product after the last one… so we’ve got a ways to go.

Sweet… I missed these the first time they were offered. I better quit typing this and 1 or 3 before they selll out!!

ha that is pretty wrong…

She needs to eat something. And one of her fake boobs is bigger than the other.

Good for you!

Am I catching a glimpse of the first ever woot-off-romance budding between TTexasTim and KippyJ

You must be April Foolin’, right?

Today must be the best day for comment here! I have beem lmao reading this… and WOOT! PLEASE GIVE ME A BAG OF CARROTS!

Come on woot, do the right thing here…I’m telling you, this baby seal is depending on you…

Every once in a while I’m feeling magnanimous and I “aim ta please…”

Black on Chargers (St Louis Chargers)
Battery on Chargers