Backyard Brawl

Rabbit in 4

Not quite my thing, but that is pretty awesome.

L o l, cuteling :).
But yeah.

Im so tired, I cant help but laugh.

hilarious but I’ll pass

Really cute. But not enough to warrant a purchase… perhaps my resistance will break down later in the day. But I doubt it. Night Woot.

I like. My first shirt woot. WOOOOOOOOOOOOT IT.

How long does it take to get these things (without the overnight obviously)?

Well, at least it is green and you could wear it on St. Patrick’s day as a conversation piece.

Everyone is always so picky! It’s a frckin’ 10 dollar American Apparel shirt that is a limited-edition! And this design kicks it! I love it!

The shirt is ok, but trying to be a little too cute, especially on green.

It’s to get people to pay for next-day shipping I guess.

I wasn’t sure if i made that up in my head or if someone said that. Is this going over my head aswell?

I’m guessing the squirrel and bunny are of Irish descent?

Great concept, and love the green shirt.


YAY! in for two

How many animals were harmed in the making of this???

i would take this in a heart beat over any of the shirts in the fog… and i’m a guy!

i was hoping something more less cartoonish would come up tonight so I could purchase my first woot shirt (non-Halloween) Maybe tomorrow… :’(

condition: Combative
product(s): 1 Grass Woot Tee (4006)

I’m guessing PG cencorship is in place for the kiddies? Too bad there couldn’t be one of them getting its head punched off. At the very least, some blood matted on the fur and staining the grass. That always appeals to the next generation of video gamers. Even Nintendo fans despite their more kid friendly theme