Backyard Entertaining

I got my Pyle floating solar speaker last weekend… Epic fail! The volume is so low, it is barely audible. The sound that you do get, is so tinny that even I complain, and I’m usually happy with the sound of my little 9.00 Bluetooth portable speaker. And I was so excited to get this. I wanted so bad to love it

Oil torches? I thought they were stadium seating tents for quidditch matches.

Just bought PopCorners White Cheddar 12-Count 5oz Bag at the dollar store for .99 cents a bag, making 12 less than $12.00. How is this a deal???

hah I have the Corelle simple lines set we bought YEARS ago at Walmart.

I have to say, I’ve heard stories of how tough these things are. So we bought a set years ago.

I like how flat they store (they are VERY thin and light). But… they are so tough, and I kid you not, that a couple weeks ago I was scrubbing one really hard and it slipped out of my hand with the full force of my arm pushing down on it… I closed my eyes and turned away expecting it to shatter. Nope… instead, it chipped enamel on my sink!!! The plate didn’t even blink an eye.

We’ve also dropped these plates before from full standing height onto the tile floor and they just laugh at us.

Awesome dinnerware sets for kids and clumsy people.

We mainly bought them so we could save our many-years-old special dishes, as they were starting to chip from daily use. The Corelleware set has saved them from being further abused.

Good stuff. You can get full sets at Walmart on sale too, though these not-full-sets appear to be cheaper here today.

I’ve had these for about 10 years, too. Prior to these I had a different set of Corelle that was bought in 1971. Finally just got tired of them. One broken plate. Of course, when they break it’s thousands of shards. Almost like they explode. But that’s a pretty good run. I wish they had small bowls, I could use more of those.

I have one of these exact sets. I agree, Corelle is well nigh indestructable. Of course, you could serve 2 more people and give them coffee for about $10 more at Walmart. I know my local mega-Kroger has them cheaper as well.

That’s a lot of summer stuff to browse through. Outdoor furniture covers are great for protecting your furniture during the winter. ◄ BOC Sold

I am trying to decide if the king sheets is for the projectors since the theme is “Backyard Entertaining” or some other form of “Backyard Entertaining”. White shower curtain work a lot better and are cheaper at your local walmart. Another plus is that you can do rear or front projection using them. Bed sheets are not very good for projector use but they will do in a tight spot.

I already got one this week, so I shared that with a co-worker. I still get the badge right?

lol, a co-worker…get a load of this guy…

I think Lich has Woot’s number.

Lol it’s an actual account, going to an actual guy who isn’t me, and they are getting the stuff.

Not quite. TT had one that sat for about a day untouched. I missed that one too!

For the Pyle Gator waterproof shower speaker, its just the same chinese rebrand that this company is using for $10 less:


Same at Walbaums, and BJ’s has the giant bag which is almost 16 servings for 5.99.

Not sure I’m disappointed to miss this. The pet BOC was worth what I paid for it, and I did get something useful, but the excitement of discovery was lacking (we all basically got the same items).

You should always be disappointed to miss a ThunderThighs boc. I got mine yesterday (picture later today, i promise). She usually includes special items/personal touches so that it isn’t a typical bocrap.

Anyways, congrats lichme’s coworker. May your crap be ever crappy.

Noted – I will keep that in mind for future opportunities.

Apologies to other wooters for sharing TT’s BOC. It should have went to somebody who found it on their own by participating in the community. I have added a badge of shame to my signature for the time being.

Arrgh… I’m about 5 hours too late… Wish you had that in your Happy to see you post on WineWoot… :frowning:

But I am still happy to see you though :slight_smile: