Bacon Salt Original - 16 oz



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Bacon Salt Original - 16 oz
$9.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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What happened to no more bacon products?


Yay! Bacon’s not dead after all!


what on earth do you add to salt to make it taste like Bacon?


Bacon is immortal!


Odd - this stuff usually sells out in about 10 seconds. Did everyone who bought it before have a heart attack?


Liquid awesome.


If it is “Bacon Salt” why is Bacon not listed in the ingredients?


This stuff is good.

Honestly. I cook often and try to be creative in my cooking. This obviously is not the most high end stuff on the market, but it adds some flavor to dishes that works well.

It’s a little salty, and needs to be used lightly,but it isn’t as much of a joke as it seems.


Rendered pork fat.


ice cold beer
a sprinkle of bacon salt



Unless you order more than one or have already paid $5 for all-day shipping on an earlier item, this price is barely better than Amazon, which has it for $15.69.


Nothing to see here I am afraid.

Bacon; YES (but there is none in this)

MSG; NO (Major ingredient)


Whoh - MSG in the ingredients. There’s a migraine in a bottle for me. No, thanks.


This is not a bacon product. No pigs were harmed making this “bacon” flavored product.

I don’t think products should be allowed to have “bacon” on the label when there is no bacon in them.

At least turkey bacon has some kind of meat. These have flour and soy.


Would it be indecent of me use this product on bacon?


How is it “Low Sodium”??


I use it on mashed potatoes. I’m not about to spend $10 on this stuff, no matter how big the shaker is.