Time again to show off your quick wit and excellent sense of humor. Yes, it’s time for “Caption This!” where you get to come up with fun and silly thoughts and sayings for the people in these pictures.

They’ll be posted in the next posts. Just pick your favorite, hit reply and have at it. Maybe you want to do it as a conversation, a newspaper blurb, or perhaps marketing copy for some new product.

As always, PG-13 is appreciated.

To get you started:

Look Darling! This is what the skin on my hand is going to look like when I remove it from this hot skillet handle.

Here’s last week’s game to give you some ideas.

I’ve got the whole pig in here!

It sure doesn’t taste like tomato juice!

Johnny breathlessly waited for his shrew of a wife to taste the hemlock stew he made especially for her. And then, just as she lifted the death-laden spoon to her mouth, the iron rang…

Darn it! I really wish I hadn’t sat on the last one!

Fortunately for the Lipschitz boys, they were wearing the asbestos shorts their Aunty Ramona sent them for Christmas.

This is what will happen if you dont eat your bacon!

“You know that third little pig thought he was oh so clever with his house of bricks, but your father rented a bulldozer, and voila! Dinner!”

"Smiling like this would be so much easier if my cigarette and your potholder weren’t imaginary."

"That’ll teach her to tell me men should share their place in the kitchen."

"I wonder if I’m advertising a refrigerator or steaks. Oh, stop thinking, Edith, you don’t smile pleasantly when you think."

"Attractive women fry with Wesson Oil. Wesson, because other oils are for hags."

"I’m crazy for casseroles! never did catch on; but the phrase survived and finally stuck as I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!"

Bacon-garlic-onion tapioca: for those evenings you just want to be left alone.

Where the others had failed, the fourth pan of eggs was finally able to capture Lois’ gaze, and she was unable to look away…