Bacon's Heir Pork Panko (2)

has anyone tried these? they sound very interesting…

What? Overpriced pork rinds ground up to use as breading? Nah. I can go buy some very high quality rinds at a nice shop locally for a fraction of this.

hence my question: i want to know if that’s all they are or if they’re something truly unique/special.

Should be good to coat the $230.00 Wagyu Beef from yesterday’s offering!!!

Looks like it’s literally just pork rinds pre-ground with a hefty pricetag

I bought these last time and really enjoy them. I’m assuming those that are noting the price are not on any kind of paleo/keto/clean diet. For those that are or care, it’s a good alternative to bread crumbs from a source that I trust more than other items on the shelf at this time. The grilled fried chicken and crab cakes have been big hits so far.

That doesn’t make any sense. I’m on a “clean” diet but I still know how much pork rinds cost. If you think being paleo means you have to spend too much on food then you have bought into the hype (literally). Are these any different than what sells in the store other than price? That’s what people want to know.

I’m currently doing Keto, my beef with the price is that this is literally pork rinds you can buy at the store for around a dollar a bag and pop in your food processor for a few seconds for a fraction of the cost

thank you for your feedback!

Yet again, Woot. What the heck is up with the RIDICULOUS pricing??? (And, no, I’m not on a Keto diet, but that sure as heck doesn’t affect whether something is simply priced far too high or not.) And maybe you’re making some sales (you must be to continue the trend), but perhaps, just perhaps, you might make more if things were reasonably priced. THESE ARE PORK RINDS at $14 A POUND!!

No what I meant at all. I’d love to see a dollar bag (much less a dollar per pound) that’s from a reputable company that can guarantee quality ingredients. If someone can point me in that direction, I’m all for saving on comparable products.

These sell on the manufacturer’s website for $18\lb and on Amazon for $20\lb so Woot’s price is about a 20% discount. Not bad pricing given what it sells for elsewhere.

But I generally agree with the sentiment that its a lot to pay for pork rind crumbs.

2 Simple ingredients that pretty much any plain bag of pork rinds contain. There’s nothing special about these other than being ground up which anyone could easily do. This is pretty much lipstick on a pig (pun intended)

“Ingredients: Pork Skin, Rock Salt”

That’s the thing… I don’t see any claims of any quality ingredients anywhere on here or on their website. In fact, I don’t even see a “like it or your money back” guarantee. If these were farm-raised, hand-fed, massaged daily Waygu pigs with artisanal salt personally chiseled by Bacon’s Heir’s CEO on his heritage rock salt farm, then I can see why they’d charge $14/lb (and I would STILL not buy it), but I can’t find anything that makes these worth the extra money other than clever packaging.